I am the lighthouse in the dark

All that I do is fueled by key core values:

  • I inspire and motivate people to sail towards the light

    Boldness & Candor

    I will challenge you and the status quo. I will ask hard questions. I won´t be satisfied with mere responses like: "This is the way we do things here". I want to know more- why? I will share the hard facts (what everyone else is afraid to share). I will reveal what hangs in the room, waiting to explode and unfold. All of this to truly inspire and move your business forward.

  • Integrity & Originality

    I want to make a difference. I want to be able to see the change that you employ. I want to see the improvements and results you make. I promise to endeavor to live up to your best expectations . I hope that you will see how your changes make a difference. We can be seen and recognized positively by our differences. I´m a positive deviant: you can be too.

  • Passion & Energy

    I will make the waters boil. I will bring the energy into the room. You will feel what I feel. Passion is the driving force behind change. I believe it is best NOT to settle. Change is not made by asking permission; change is made by acting, unapologetically. When we are guided by our passions, when we employ change because of them, we learn and grow and see what good this change can do for the world around us.

  • Joyfulness & Humor

    People want to have fun. Life is more enjoyable when we smile and laugh. Playfulness, creativity and humor can all fuel productivity. Much of my work is about using the “game” of productivity as a tool for success. This game is both serious and fun. I can’t wait to involve you in this game as a means for your greater success.

My many hats:

  • Product Management Mastermind
  • Executive Coach
  • Organizational Therapist
  • Certified Scrum and Kanban Trainer
  • Startup Advisor and Business Angel
  • Business Speaker

I can help you with:

  • Modern product management (creating product visions, roadmaps, strategies, building MVPs, testing product viability, feasibility and value proposition)
  • Strategy work (creating company, department or product strategies)
  • Organizational therapy (organizational design, change management, conflicts and/or crisis management)
  • Executive coaching and mentorship (leadership, mental sparring partnerships, personal productivity sessions)
  • Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Product Owner and Kanban trainings
  • Team-building and team development (employee motivation, decision-making, delegation, dealing with conflicts, strategies for creating a business community)